Wesley Touchstone grew up, watching in wonder as his dad formed clay into new wildlife sculptures. Inspired, as a young boy by his dad’s art, he produced his first sculpture, a crude little cougar in clay. Then as he grew, so did his art. By his mid-teens, he was sculpting foam and clay for the family business and continued in this area for over 15 years.

Personal tragedy deeply influenced his art and its development. In 1989, the loss of his son set in motion artistic changes. Sculpture as self-therapy brought about several new pieces including his first portrait bust “Matthew”. Soon after this, he produced a bust of his dad, which is currently on display as a memorial at Touchstone Wildlife & Art Museum.

In 2007, he began producing large statuary style props while working with the local film industry, and Marti Gras Krewes. The range of his work has grown to include, carving marble in bas relief style, and some limited works in wood. These experiences, working with different media, and clientele, has brought a renewed confidence to take on even bigger and bolder challenges as his journey thru life and art continues!

Each new sculpture brings fresh opportunities to see the beauty all around and to try and put some of it in his art. He especially enjoys natural forms and shapes, whether it’s the flowing mane of a lion, the curve of a woman, or the graceful meanderings of a growing plant.
He works in various media, as well as offering services in design, scale models, molding & casting, three-dimensional scenery & props, etc.